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How to Get Your Medical Cannabis Card?

Step 1: Do you qualify?

Step 2: Find a medical cannabis doctor

Step 3: Submit your application

What Are the Health Benefits of Cannabis?

Find out about all the health benefits of medical cannabis.

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Common Questions

What is New Era Pharmacological Products?

New Era Pharmacological Products is a medical cannabis dispensary located in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Our mission is to help our patients minimize their dependence on prescription narcotics and to live healthy, productive lives, free from pain. Our goal is to provide the best product at the best price with the highest level of convenience.

Our budtenders are well trained, patient and knowledgeable, and can inform you about our wide range of flowers (indica, sativa, hybrid and high-CBD), edibles, concentrates, vapors, and accessories. We value your safety, so we set a new standard for pesticide screening well above what the law requires. One of the ways we keep our prices affordable and our quality excellent is by growing our own at our personal farm cared and attended by the best farmers in Puerto Rico.

What is a medical cannabis dispensary?

A medical cannabis dispensary is a facility, registered by the Puerto Rican government, that is allowed to receive marijuana or immature marijuana plants and transfer that marijuana to a patient or a patient’s caregiver if the patient or caregiver has a Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis card.

Who can purchase from a dispensary?

Medical cannabis can only be dispensed to patients and caregivers who present a current and valid Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Program card and photo identification. No other sales or transfers are authorized.

How do I get my medical canabis card in Puerto Rico?

- Be 21 or older

- Fill out and notarize the application form

- Receive certification from an authorized physician recommending the use of medical cannabis that you qualify from one of the medical conditions

- Copy of a valid government ID

- A certified check for $25

How much can I purchase?

You will be allowed to purchase up to 1.5 ounces per day.

Happy Customers

Great staff, good prices, and quality products. Thank you!!!

Maria Bermudez

Business Owner

They have the best medical marijuana products, and they also provide outstanding customer service.

Louis Hernandez


Best dispensary in town I just got my card and I love this place.

Gisel Diaz

Personal Trainer
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