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MENU RUDERALIS MARIJUANA SEEDS AND STRAINS GROWING GUIDE WHERE YOU CAN BUY MARIJUANA SEEDS LEGALLY admin | December 21, 2018 | Seeds | No Comments So you are looking for the best place to buy marijuana seeds legally? We have updated information for you so you won’t have...

Marlboro Owner Invests 1.8 Billion In Cannabis Market

  We already reported about this investment earlier this week. Now it’ confirmed, Tobacco giant Altria is jumping on the cannabis bandwagon. The company announced a $1.8 billion (C$2.4 billion) investment in cannabis company Cronos Group. Altria has agreed to buy 146.2 million shares at closing at a price...

The Secret Cannabinoid 300 Percent More Potent Than THC

  2 0 ADVERTISEMENT With THC crystals reaching close to 100 percent THC, you’d think that cannabis could not any stronger. That is until we came across stories about THC-O-acetate, another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. THC-O is said to be two to three times more potent...


The IRS is Reportedly Overwhelmed by Cash Payments from Marijuana Businesses Federal prohibition means virtually no access to basic financial services, forcing legal weed companies to pay their taxes in cash. Published 21 hours agoon November 16, 2018 By Adam Drury Shutterstock SHARE TWEET While all other business in the United States pay...

Principales efectos secundarios del consumo de cannabis

Los cannabinoides son moléculas que presentan baja toxicidad y, por lo tanto, de manejo seguro cuando trabajamos con ellos correctamente desde el punto de vista terapéutico, por lo que cuando los usamos con fines medicinales, asesoramos al paciente para que no presente efectos secundarios, o...

Efectos de los cannabinoides en el neurodesarrollo

El consumo de compuestos cannabinoides (moléculas derivadas de la planta del Cannabis sativa) ejerce una gran diversidad de efectos en el organismo actuando tanto a través del sistema nervioso, como también en muchos otros tejidos y órganos. De las más de 100 moléculas de tipo...

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