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Feminized cannabis seeds have made it a lot easier, and less stressful, to grow marijuana. Before feminized seeds were even introduced, growers had no option but to grow regular seeds which often led to growing more male plants than female plants or even the disaster of having no females at all. With regular cannabis seeds, you’ll have 50/50 chance of growing females and males. It is devastating to see all your efforts go to waste as you grow male plants that you will only throw away.

This is one of the many reasons why I Love Growing Marijuana recommends growing feminized seeds. Feminized seeds have no male chromosomes, therefore, you have all female plants to grow. When you grow marijuana seeds outdoor feminized, you will be able to improve your yields, save money, time and effort and have that personal satisfaction that you will never feel when you are growing regular or photoperiod seeds.

What makes marijuana seeds outdoor feminized better?

Not only are your seeds feminized so there are no worries about growing male plants but you also have outdoor seeds that will give you good, healthy and high-yielding plants. Outdoor cannabis strains are hardy and resilient strains that can grow larger, taller and wider. These plants need a larger room to grow and more space to branch out. And because these are outdoor strains, you can save money from using artificial lighting, air circulation systems and from buying or constructing a grow box or cabinet. Check out the following top feminized cannabis outdoor seeds that are now available online

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla is a potent strain made by popular breeder Royal Queen Seeds. The company was able to bring this strong strain from the US where it was not completely commercially available. Royal Gorilla is true to its name. It has a high THC level of 25% with some varieties exceeding 30% depending on the phenotype. You will feel as if you are soaring the tallest skyscraper when you use this strain. And like most high THC strains, you will also experience that couch-locked effect. Therefore if this is your first time to taste and experience Royal Gorilla then you must take it moderately to reduce any after effects.

And just like other high THC strain, you can use Royal Gorilla for a variety of medical conditions including stress and depression. Its natural mood elevating properties can naturally cure depression and anxiety. You can also depend on this strain’s tough analgesic effects. It can help with pain, headaches, inflammation and muscle pains. You may also use this strain to relax and to deal with insomnia.

Royal Moby

Royal Moby is another strain from Royal Queen Seeds. This strain is popular because it is easy to grow and high yields. This is a sativa dominant strain which means that it will grow tall and wide to an average height of two meters indoors and three outdoors. Royal Moby needs a lot of room to grow and flower which is why it’s a good outdoor strain. Royal Moby has a pleasing uplifted effect. It will make you feel euphoric and at the same time relaxed and at peace. Some also report feeling energetic and ready to tackle different tasks. This strain is number one in reducing stress and depression. It can curb pain with its natural analgesic properties. It can help fight physical and mental fatigue as well.

Power Flower

Power Flower is a reincarnation of Power Plant which is one of Amsterdam’s most popular strains. This is a strain that will provide you good yields and is also very easy to grow. Whether you are growing Power Flower for recreational or medicinal reasons, this is going to be easy to cultivate as long as you provide its ideal climate conditions. People who are found in northern latitudes would need more skills to grow Power Flower but those found in warmer climates will find it easy to harvest 65 to 85-gram yield from their plants.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is another very popular strain that has possibly parented a large number of strains we know today. This is an indica strain known for its very resinous yields, quick flowering and its resilience to many kinds of plant diseases and pests. It was made from the union of an Afghani and Thai landrace. Just among the children of Northern Lights include the Shiva Skunk and the Super Silver Haze. This has a unique pungent, sweet and spicy aroma that comes from its large and dense buds. This has an intense high that will provide you with a comfortable relaxing effect that climaxes to a dreamy euphoria. Northern Lights is also sought for its ability to curb stress and depression. You can also use this strain for pain relief, for insomnia and to reduce headaches.

Skunk XL

Skunk XL is another very popular strain that has also raised a number of well-known seeds we all enjoy today. This is a sativa dominant strain made by the combination of Columbian, Mexican and Afghan strains. You can count on this strain to be the easiest plants to grow indoors or outdoors. Commercial growers love this strain because it provides a huge yield and very short flowering time. When you grow this indoors, you can get between 65 and 75 grams from a plant that is about one meter tall. Skunk XL has a fruity flavor and will give you an instant high.

Fruit Spirit

Fruit Spirit is another very interesting strain that you can grow outdoors. It has a sweet and tasty flavor that will make you crave for dessert. Fruit Spirit has a delicious berry flavor made by the union of Blueberry and White Widow. You will get a pleasant head high. You will feel a renewed sense of happiness that will ease your mind in cerebral relaxation. Cannabis connoisseurs will love this strain’s flavor and are truly one to try if you are an avid grower. Fruit Spirit grows just under one meter indoors with an average yield of 30 to 40 grams but when you grow this outdoors, you will surely get a larger plant with better yields. This has an 8-week flowering time and will need extra care when harvesting so that it can retain its amazing fruity flavor.

O.G. Kush

OG Kush is another renowned strain that may be responsible for a large number of awesome strains in the West Coast. It debuted in 1995 after being transferred from Florida by Imperial Genetics. There are a number of OG Kush phenotypes which includes Tahoe Kush, Tahoe OG, SFV OG, Diablo OG, and Ghost OG. This feminized strain has remained popular for decades now. It has a strong effect and amazing potency which gives you good value for your money. This is Indica dominant and the plants will remain short with a yield of about 50 or 60 grams each. It is also grown and consumed for its ability to curb stress and depression. It has natural mood enhancing effects which make a natural treatment. OG Kush can also knock out pain with its natural analgesic effects.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze was created from the popular haze strains in Holland by an American expatriate. This strain produces that psychedelic cerebral high that haze varieties are known for. Amnesia Haze can be grown outdoors or indoors but to get the most out of this strain, you must grow it indoors. This has won a number of Cannabis Cup contests which proves that it is a good strain to grow. You can expect 70 to 80 grams from a single meter-tall plant. The strength of the smoke and the fruity flavor makes the harvest worth the wait.


Critical is not exactly what you think. It has every single one of the qualities that you may be looking for in a cannabis plant. It gives a high yield, it is easy to maintain and is very potent making it a good treat. You will love the relaxed high that you will experience every time you smoke this strain. This is a very efficient plant because it can produce an average of 65 to 75 grams per one-meter plant. The flowering time of Critical takes only seven weeks. For a strain that will give you amazing yields for the least amount of time, Critical is for you.

White Widow

White Widow was initially grown in the Netherlands made from a Brazilian pure sativa strain and an Indian Indica strain. This strain is so popular that it is available in most seedbanks all over the world. It is said that almost every seed bank has its own variety of this classic strain. This White Widow strain is for first-time growers because it is quite easy to grow. It can be grown in colder climates. It has a pine flavor that produces a clean head-high. White Widow will make this one of your favorite marijuana seeds outdoor feminized variety.

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