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sativa trichomes

sativa trichomes


Nowadays, it is easier to buy sativa seeds online because of how there have been a lot of countries legalizing the use of cannabis or marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. In line with that, knowledge and information about how to cultivate marijuana plants and sativa seeds have also increased.

Nevertheless, there still aren’t a lot of people that know how to properly cultivate cannabis or know when the right time it is to harvest them when they already flower. This is why it is important to first educate yourself about cannabis plants and terms such as sativa and trichomes.


There are considered to be two types of cannabis plants: Sativa and Indicas. In this case, we will focus on what Sativa are. As mentioned, they are one of the two main species of cannabis and can have physical qualities and effects that differentiate them from Indicas.

In terms of structure and appearance, Sativa plants are the taller and more massive varieties of cannabis. They are typically large plants that can grow to up to gigantic proportions of 13 feet. The leaves also tend to be more narrow or narrow and there is usually more space between one leaf and another. The leaves are also a lighter shade of green.

When it comes to their effects, Sativas have effects that can be called the opposite of Indicas. They tend to stimulate the person mentally and sometimes even physically as opposed to the more relaxing and calming effects that Indicas have. And, instead of bringing about a hazy mind, they tend to make the user feel a lot more focused and imaginative. Because of the energetic buzz that Sativa plants induce, they are ideal for daytime use.

Medicinally, Sativas are effective against conditions such as depression, nausea, chronic body pain, headaches, eating disorders, and insomnia. They even help invigorate people that feel lazy and lethargic due to certain types of illnesses and conditions. And according to Andrea Dobbs, a cannabis influencer based in Canada, it is even great as a replacement for coffee.

In terms of how they are cultivated, Sativas tend to be more demanding because of their massive sizes. They require more nutrients and sunlight compared to their tiny Indica counterparts. Because of that, they require a lot more time to be ready for harvest.


Trichomes are the small crystal-like substances that are shiny and sticky. These aromatic, fragrant, and frosty substances tend to cover the buds and the leaves of cannabis plants. Formally state, trichomes are outgrowths that can be found in plants. The word comes from Trichoma, which is a Greek word that roughly translates to hair growth. And, if you closely look at trichomes under a microscope or a magnifying glass, they really do look like hair.

Why do cannabis plants have trichomes? Well, they exist as a form of defense for the plants. They function as the female plant’s protection against insects, harmful sun rays, and other adverse environmental conditions that can all harm the buds. They also tend to repel animals away from the plant because of how their taste and aroma seem to be too strong for animals to take.

Trichomes can also be harvested for their CBD and are widely used as the main source of smokeless marijuana use. This was the case for the known patient Charlotte Figi, who was suffering from hundreds of seizures in a single week. The trichomes in cannabis were used to develop a CBD-rich treatment that helped Charlotte recover from her condition. A CBD-rich sativa strain called Charlotte’s Web was later developed for use in the medical field.

There are three major types of trichomes:

  1. Bulbous: These types of trichomes can be found on the surface of the plant and are incredibly so tiny that they can only be seen under a microscope.
  2. Capitate sessile: Larger than bulbous trichomes, they tend to be more abundant. These types of trichomes have a head and a stalk.
  3. Capitate-stalked: These are the most common types of trichomes and just as wide or double the size of the average human hair. As the name suggests, they have a stalk and also a head.

Trichomes and the color amber

If you are into cultivating sativa marijuana plants, trichomes play a huge role in determining the best time to harvest the buds. In relation to that, the color amber actually determines when you should harvest Sativas.

Although it is not a universal rule of thumb, it is best to harvest Sativa and hash varieties of cannabis when 70% of the trichome heads appear milky white and when 30% of it has turned into an amber-like color.

The color amber also helps determine what kind of taste and effect the Sativa plant will have. For example, the Jack strain and some of its varieties will have a heavy effect and a sweet kind of citrusy flavor when harvested at a time when about 30% of the trichomes have already turned amber. For most Jack strains, this is about nine weeks or 63 days.

That said, if you harvest your plants way too early when the trichomes have not yet developed right enough, the buds won’t be as potent as you would have wanted. In line with that, they also won’t have enough essential oils and will most likely taste a little grassy.

But because it can be very difficult to observe trichome appearance with the naked eye, you will most likely need the help of special equipment. A microscope might be out of the question because of how expensive it is. In that regard, it might be better for you to use a camera with macro lenses so that you can easily tell whether the trichomes have turned amber or not.

With those things out of the bag, you can now buy sativa seeds online without worrying about whether or not you know what trichomes are and how to tell whether your buds are already ripe enough for harvest.

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